Temperature based Fan Speed Control using Arduino


Temperature based Fan Speed Control using Arduino (Tinkercad Projects| Automatic Bike Engine Cooling) Creating a temperature-based fan speed control system using Arduino can be a fun and useful project, especially for applications like automatic bike engine cooling. Below is a basic outline of the steps you can follow to implement this project using Tinkercad, a … Read more

Servo Motor Arduino – Servo Motor Control Basics

servo motor arduino basics

Welcome to another exciting tutorial on Arduino and its vast possibilities! In this blog post, we’ll delve into the fundamental aspects of connecting and controlling a servo motor with Arduino. Servo motors are versatile components commonly used in robotics, automation, and various electronic projects due to their precise control and accurate movement capabilities. Join WhatsApp … Read more

GUI for DC Motor Control using Arduino

Python GUI for Arduino DC Motor Control

GUI for Arduino DC Motor: DC motor control is a frequent project task, and one method is utilizing a Python GUI. This blog post delves into controlling a DC motor through a Python GUI, offering live speed adjustments and direction changes. Additionally, it incorporates an input field for users to specify the COM Port and … Read more