Learn MATLAB for Robotics in 1 Hour

Matlab is a popular programming platform widely used in robotics for simulation, control, and analysis. Here’s how it’s commonly utilized in robotics.

There are abundant tutorials available for using Matlab in robotics, catering to both beginners and advanced users. These tutorials cover a wide range of topics, including robot modeling and simulation, control algorithms, sensor data processing, computer vision, and machine learning applications.

Many tutorials are provided by Matlab itself through its documentation and online resources, offering step-by-step guides, example code snippets, and interactive exercises to facilitate learning. Additionally, numerous educational institutions, robotics research labs, and online platforms offer Matlab tutorials tailored specifically to robotics, providing practical insights, best practices, and real-world examples to help enthusiasts and professionals alike harness the power of Matlab in their robotic projects.

If you’ve never worked with Matlab before, the following tutorials will help you get started. These videos will outline the basics of the Matlab environment.

Matlab variables

Matlab variables

Creating vectors

Using the : operator


Matlab as a calculator

Calculations with vectors

Creating matrices

Matrix multiplication

Troubleshooting code with the debugger

These videos will introduce Matlab syntax for the basic building blocks for writing code.

Conditional data selection

FOR loop

IF-ELSE statement

Matlab Tutorials – Advanced Tools

These videos will show you some of the more advanced Matlab capabilities we’ll be using throughout this course.

Annotating graphs

Solving systems of linear equations

Symbolic calculations

Passing functions as inputs

Numerically solving first order ODEs

Numerically solving higher order ODEs

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